Judy Duff, Registered Civil Celebrant, Brisbane

As a Civil Celebrant living here in beautiful Brisbane, I have come to understand that each couple I meet are unique therefore each ceremony I write is also unique because it is about you and your story.

This really make the role of a celebrant exciting, you share with me your thoughts, your dreams and I support you in the writing of your ceremony a ceremony that will say to family and friends ‘we know who we are and where we are going’ and we would love you all to share this day with us.

I will attend to the legal side of your paperwork and register your marriage with the BDM in the State in which your wedding took place.

There are many ways in which your ceremony can unfold, this is the exciting part, this is where your ceremony is tailored for each couple, readings, samples and ‘just ideas’ are topics we constantly talk about as we go along.
I will work with your venue, photographer and wedding planner, just little things that helps to make your day run smoothly.

The excitement of your celebration, your journey, your dreams.


Within all marriage ceremonies conducted here in Australia there are legalities, the use of your full name, & the Celebrants Authority, with these addressed, you have completed freedom to write a wedding ceremony that will embrace your story.

No not at all, this is where I step up and offer ideas that may help

Your guest list may be small and intimate or a grand affair, the approach will be the same…….you journey, your thoughts.

Most certainly, you may require a booking for a park and your relations do have to be over the age of 18 years; however it is a delightful way to include family.

The South East part of Queensland has so many hidden parks and delightful areas close to water your local council will have details on how to book an area.

There is no wrong or right way; it is about doing things legally & your way.

As a Registered Civil Celebrant, I am responsible for ensuring that your marriage is valid and registered according to the Marriage Act 1961.

Once you have chosen your celebrant the first legal step is to lodge a Notice of Intent at least 1 month prior to your set wedding date (this may also be completed up to 18 months wedding date with your chosen celebrant.)

This document becomes valid once it is completed & your signature witnessed it is then held by your celebrant until after your ceremony.

Paperwork that is required to be sighted & recorded prior to a ceremony.

  • Birth Certificate. or Passports
  • Divorce Papers, Death Certificates
  • Current Drivers Licences
  • Current proof of age card.
  • All documents must be originals

You may wish to download a copy of a Notice of Intent from BDM or I can email you a copy, I also have copies for couples to complete.

Once your ceremony has been written, you may wish for a rehearsal, this can be arranged either in a park or at your venue.

My PA is available for your use for not only your ceremony but also your music with both a CD & IPod connection.

Most certainly also should you wish for me to apply for your Official Marriage certificate I have the paperwork here to completed, and along with your banking details (as BDM is responsible for issuing this document) I can send this application to BDM when I register your marriage.

This may be your 2nd wedding and you have adult children who you wish to use as your witnesses, if they are 18 or over, it is fine.

Naming Ceremony

Celebrating a Naming or Name Giving, is as old as history itself. It symbolizes a significant event in a couple’s life the welcoming of a new family member and this a wonderful way in which to formally introduce this new member.

A Naming giving ceremony is not a baptism or a christening, although sometimes referred to as a ‘secular christening’; it is a time where a new birth or new member of a family is formally welcomed into the family and into the world.

A naming can also be a time to express the joy, hopes, dreams and responsibilities of bringing up a child, it is also recognizing and appointing those who will have an important role in the child’s development.

There are many ways in which to include family members and friends, (Godparents, also called guardians or mentors) lighting candles, reading a poem or planting a special shrub or tree.

Each naming ceremony is as unique as the person of whom the naming is intended it is therefore as a celebrant my role is to write your ceremony solely with your family in mind.

This really is a time to embrace this new member into your family, embrace this journey of love, hope and happiness, a journey of wonder.

Commitment Ceremony

A Commitment Ceremony is similar to a wedding in its content and although under Australian Law it is yet to be recognized, it will always be celebrating and up holding that journey of love and fulfillment.
There is the complete joy when you have looked deep into your heart and have found your soul mate it is time to celebrate and tell the world.

Although there is no ‘legal’ paperwork to complete, there is still a ceremony to write and therefore ideas to chat about.

The flexibility of venues, parks or your own home, makes this occasion all the more enjoyable as you can surround your selves with those you care about and enjoy the moment.

This ceremony is about you as a couple, your journey and the joy of finding that one person you wish to have as your traveling companion.

Always remember the day is about you.

Renewal of Vows

When you celebrate many years together, you often just want to shout to the world…………. we got it right………let’s celebrate. Families gather to celebrate with parents or grandparents, it is something that is often arranged with one partner being completely unaware of what is happening. Ceremonies are written about your journey and the wonderful path you are on. Enjoy.


Hi Judy,
We had the best time on Friday and the ceremony was perfect. You enthusiasm and professional approach to the day was so uplifting and really eliminated any stress in the day. Thanks for providing your time for us. We will remember this day always and you played a large part in making that happen.
Cheers Judy,
Anna and Justin
Hi Judy, I would like to thank you for the wonderful service you provided for us over the last 12 months and on the most amazing day of my life. I could not stop smiling. You were so patient, caring and happy and accommodated our ever need.
We got several complements from our guests about how beautiful the ceremony was.
Thank-you so very much
Amanda & David
Hi Judy, Corey & I just wanted to thank-you for making the wedding so relaxed and easy. We had a great time, it was exactly what we were after, we even got lots of compliments it was so ‘us’. Thank-you so much.
Rachel & Corey
Thank-you so very much Judy for making our day a memorable one. We both greatly appreciate your professionalism and making our wedding so special.
Ian & Kelly
Judy you were a great celebrant. You kept us on track while maintaining a sense of humour, you were easy going & professional, you helped make our day special.
Marina & Wayne

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